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International Collaborative Innovation Summit – Program Page

October 12th 2021

by Digicampus

Hello and welcome to the page of Digicampus’ first collaborative innovation summit. The summit will take place online on October 12th and is hosted by Digicampus.  

All across Europe government teams, living labs, accelerators, researchers, policy makers, entrepreneurs and citizens are working on solving the wicked problems of today and tomorrow. Involving all those perspectives to work together is gaining traction in many countries.  

Bringing together teams from governments, academic institutions, the private sector and citizens creates an amazing opportunity to design and implement solutions that last. At the same time these collaborations are relatively new and very challenging. What does it take to succesfully work together and what have we learned about that over the last few years? This is the central question for our summit.  

We believe that only by working together and sharing our knowledge and insights we can accelerate public innovations  We hope you’ll join us to learn, share and get inspired so you can have even more impact in the future. 

Program outline

Tuesday 12 October 2021

The program designed to inspire and connect people across Europe. We will share different examples of quadruple helix collaborations and initiatives and get an overview of the latest academic insights. All sessions are a mix of a talk and a discussion with Q&A. The outcome of the day is a better understanding of the important elements for succes and practical experience from collegues around Europe.


Academic perspectives and insights by Prof. David Campbell – Vienna University
Science plays an important role in researching both the current collaborations and future possibillities. In this talk, Professor David Campbell will share his latest insights, including organizational structures that facilitate new collaborations and the step from quadruple to quintuple helix.


Self sovereign identities & building an ecosystem by Sebastian Manhart – Germany
How do you build a good ecosystem for a new technology where the private and public sector collaborate succesfully? Sebastian Manhart will share some of his experiences and insights from working on a digital ID in Germany.


Quadruple Helix & bread – by Andy Haddon from the Big River Bakery in Newcastle upon Tyne

On what scale can I actually make an impact? 

That question led Andy Haddon to founding the Big River Bakery after an entrepreneurial journey from corporate food logistics startups in China to economic development practitioner, academic and local food entrepreneur back in his native North East England. The challenge he set himself was to be a catalyst to create a fair and affordable food system and this challenge led him to consider deeply how to create change in the complex global food system through a quadruple helix approach. He decided the best approach was to ‘change the world one loaf at a time’ and start with a community bakery. 

Big River Bakery provides an environment where tangible examples of quadruple helix can be trialled and developed through an iterative and collaborative approach with many partners. This has allowed the bakery to have much greater impact than working alone including PhD students, local government employability programmes, business incubation, volunteering, addressing food poverty and employing people with significant barriers to employment e.g autism. In this talk, he will share what he learned and and how we can use those insights.

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Digicampus publication

Innovating beyond boundaries

At Digicampus we work according to the principles of open source. We give back to society all knowledge, products and experiences through for example publications and blogs. The publication ‘Innovation across borders: 12 inspiring stories on innovating beyond boundaries’ has been translated into English.

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