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At Digicampus we aim to provide as much insight as possible into the innovation landscape as well as a clear overview. Our three societal goals drive this. We use an innovation platform named Alkemio. This provides a detailed overview of which challenges stakeholders are working on and what themes are important. Are you working on an experiment or project, or do you want to share important lessons with us? Create an account on Alkemio and add your content to one of the challenges

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Digital Twins

In which instances are experiments being carried out using digital twins, to collaborate with civilians (among others) and shape the future of The Netherlands. This is a collaboration between VNG (Association of Dutch Municipalities), IPO and the Waterschapshuis.

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Digital services

Government services need to be accessible for everyone. We have created an overview of initiatives surrounding innovation and government services.

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Digital wallets

We have created an overview and put together a collection of relevant developments relating to ‘digital wallets’. This is a collaboration between the ministry of internal affairs and RvIG (The Dutch National Office for Data Identity).

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New channels

Government services need to be accessible for everyone. This can be done with an App, chatbot, video call or any combination. We document the ways in which government work, which is already being done, is accessible to everyone.

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PET technology

Privacy Enhancing Technologies (PET) are techniques which allows the use of sensitive private information, without violating the privacy of an individual. We are exploring the possibilities to apply this technology and examining potential challenges.

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Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI)

At Digicampus we are exploring the concept of Self-Sovereign Identity and its potential application. All insights have been shared with the SSI community and been brought together in a toolkit. The toolkit will be published shortly.

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